It really easy to fall into the girth of self destruction,may be because its disguised so beautifully .It makes life so easy .Difficult is to unlove someone you loved ,difficult is to let go of someone you fell in love with ,difficult is to letting go what you earned so trustingly,difficult is showing love to…Read more »


Things could be simple .We make it sound so rough .Nobody becomes a villain by its own.If you are between the kind of people who make you think all the time that you are the reason for everything wrong in their life ,you may not be with right kind of people .You cannot clap with…Read more »


One of the part of dealing with hangups in my life was to do random things .I needed random things to keep on going .Nothing took me anywhere .I always started new things and none to bring to the verge of completion .I started exploring myself .I started this blog and started writing .I wrote…Read more »


I am at a place in life wherein being alone is much much peaceful then being too much involved with people mentally.When end of the day I am with myself each day I realise that life has been changed for me .I am at a different place in life .I was different things that I…Read more »


The power of not reacting to every small detail of other people will keep you focused .Keep yourself away from all the negativity .Learn to be alone and while alone work on your self .I read books and many other similar points have been mentioned there . Some are really true like thinking about who…Read more »


Once should let go the not so worthy experiences in and learn to forgive but not forget .I was the opposite I realized . I have been becoming forgetful but not forgiving .There is a very fine line between the two .You never know when you interchange both .I started forgetting the things and once…Read more »


Unknown ,Unsuccessful and Unliked .Yes I am the underdog right now .I am hardly liked by the people around me ,I am not known much and regarding the success thing ;when you know what to do in your life you either fail or be success at it ,I haven’t even caught that train to be…Read more »