I took life very seriously.I think alot and I would say I am a negative person .I needed a lot of inspiration to do something in life .When I was small I used to keep on reading self help books and used to behave positively based on them .It worked till the time I was…Read more »


Just watched avengers .It gave me so peace from inside I don’t know why .Everybody has a hero in them .I watched how failure could effect a hero .I realized one thing in the movie that in life you need to follow the avengers attitude otherwise you would drown in the failures or depression of…Read more »


I am an authentic person.So is he and so are the people around me .Some people I around don’t consider as authentic at all .And I am sure some people will never consider me as an authentic person .You know why because with each human being we have a different connection .I don’t know why…Read more »


I miss him to the core .I said it !!!!!!!.I have started crying now .May be this was phase two of getting over him .We are apart but I have never stopped loving him and will never be able to do so .Real things don’t last .If they did they weren’t real.I have been trying…Read more »


I was going back to myself wherein I started disassociating from the world .I had been so after the incident .When I had no one to discuss my problems with I maturely dealt with them and I became awesome .I never shared my problems with anyone whatever it was and it was the best .…Read more »


When you know people are trying to make you look down ,so that can be up .Thats the funniest thought to me today .First of all ,if I am already so low how can you bring me more low and secondly ,is their life about me .Really???? That thought gave me laugh so hard that…Read more »


I was walking into my office yesterday when I suddenly realized the hollowness ,I have drowning myself into .I knew I would be alone now but this was not alone this was my freedom .May be I was destined to do something else in-spite of just getting married. I felt happy and sad at the…Read more »