I was sleeping in the car which took me back to my apartment ,and suddenly I woke up with the bam sound and my head was hit hard . My car driver was a little injured .I suddenly felt that I couldn’t lift my left leg .After few minutes driver took a round of the car and checked that a little damage but nothing to worry and that he was fine .

After that he asked me if I was ok .All was good but while I woke up suddenly I think my leg was stuck and twisted and it was paining badly.I told the cab driver to move on and went back to sleep .

I was living in a different reality I thought ,everything was same but I felt so differently like my mindset was changed .I didn’t wanted to do all the things .I wanted to just pursue my passion and not be busy all the time away from people .I knew the qualities now that I wanted to inhibit .

I wanted to be the part of something that was valuable and that brought satisfaction .Volunteering it was but in a different way or in my way .I had “The Way” and knew exactly how to do it .But still there was something in mind that I felt myself hassling for .

The direction I was taking myself was of a very tough life but I still wanted to do it.It was there in front of my life all the life but I never knew it was.

“The Peace” of mind was found and the pain of leg with hairline fracture was increased .Like I rose from the sleep after so many years of life for the first time .Still there was a long way to go and I was happy that finally my mind wouldn’t wander one .

Moving fast in life, people around seemed to be stable to me.It was because they knew they were moving but only 1 percent of them had long run visions and that was the first mistake I realized had done earlier.When you have the vision for the long run it won’t matter how is your day to day things going on . I was the same .I knew where I was going but the Long Haul some how was not planted in me .

In this world full of amazing people ,everybody fighting their own battles ,I would suggest not to follow anyone ,not because nobody can be you and you cannot be anybody

The situation you are in might be all the same but the outcome would be the different one !!!!

Learn to observe the difference to create different and better realities .


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