Every person on this earth is different and unique in its own way .Nobody is more or less .Everyone has a story and a different one and no two story are same .Stories are the way we learn from others . Remember in childhood when your at night when your grandparents sat down with you and told you stories .It gave way to your imagination.It helped you think about the world that you have never seen and be eager to grow up and work on those imaginations

As grown adults, we are still the same kid but we somehow forget and try to leave that kid behind .We need that kid to be part of us because still we need to dream , to imagine and work on those imaginations that we once had .You let the kid in you die ,your life might be a mess and no not because you will have changes in your behavior but because you will start giving up on you self .

A kid is always excited about each day it encounters and as the day ends and he sleeps the day ends .He forgets about everything that happened .Its much like a shift that ends with no overwhelming handovers .You will again start when your next day starts .

As an adult its very important to determine what you are looking for when you get up each day .I know it sounds too much thought but I started this thing and it seems to help me alot in clearing what do I want ,although the fog is not removed but it has started to become a little less dense .I keep a diary aside me and I write down all that I need in my life .All the dreams and what all I want to do in life and I try to do it everyday .

It really helps because you know what you want in your life in long term and then you work through your hardest days .The foremost thing that started giving me was keeping me calm .When you write everyday and when you have written for almost a month or so ,you would notice there are somethings that keep on coming up and that’s what you really want .Continue doing it and you might find your true purpose .And for those who already have a purpose it could keep you going and finding new ways to follow your heart

Every person want different things in life and to achieve those things fuels them to look forward to .But if you are too confused in life and donot know where you are going believe me .It just gives a sense of belonging in yourself !!!!!

Sometimes you can’t see the whole path but if you have a torch you could see just whats next and that way you might cover the whole journey.


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