There has to be a better way in which people made connections .I heard the story of one of the senior who advised others to not do what mistakes he had done in his life .What happened ,does it work?? .No it doesn’t .For starters some people life had been running on auto pilot mode from childhood .They had followed the path that everybody was following and had never exposed themselves to experience anything different .They did what they were told to do and not what they thought they could have done.

Its all in the mind .The more creative you are the more different reality you experience .Yes its very difficult being creative and still able to remain in the world basically the society.

We do things that we are told to be done by society .If each person could work on their own mind and not follow the society the world would we more of a different place .People would not go into depression ,they would be less suicidal attempts and like minded people would associated more readily with each other

Its true there are things in our life that may make us fall down and so much so that when we told anyone the trauma through which we have been through people would not even believe it .And when we are telling people we are even telling ourselves .The truth cannot be ignored .I experienced that we are asked to suppress our emotions and not to express them .

And its a cover in it self .We are told to do so because of protecting ourselves of the hurt that the other person’s reaction might cause .

But to survive in this world ,I learnt there is no need to tell everyone the truth to although it may seem like the easiest option to remove the mental blockages from mind but its not .Its the hard way you learn that we need just to accept it within ourselves and connect with like minded souls to be it the same

Now this society is really tough on specially women.First of all from the ancient history one tends to read the plight of women .Mahabharata happened due to one women what everybody says .But when you think it logically is it the truth .I would say it happened because of one Man’s ego couldn’t bear the laughter of women. Then the other custom of women leaving their houses for men ,changing their last names.What is it really about !!!

When an emperor died in a dynasty it was hard to survive for the Queen .The history is a proof of the indigence give to women in this world

A women is made to accept the male chauvinist decsions imposed on her .

How many women you in any spheres of world to be on top .Neither in corp-orates neither in politics.A Queen without a king has to be very aware of her reputation while vice versa is never the thing of question.

Why its never talked about the other way round that a King without a Queen is characterless .No one heard of the same .Apparently bold is bad One person would give his wife the true dignity but not to other women around him.The truth is its not about the women or man’s world .The reality is that’s the way a man could fulfill his or her motives and then the women is not left with specific paths to take .Then she who is intelligent knows how to come out of anything takes the path of adversity and when she is successful then she is resented the most.

Be aware when a rumor is heard about a women ,mostly it comes from men who couldn’t have her and the women who couldn’t compete her.

Life is tough for unmarried girl but equally easy for an unmarried boy of the same age .

This is also because of the upbringing .A girl from the age of 10 is taught to in a particular manner .She is taught she is a princess. Why not she is taught to be a super women ,or why is there not a Iron Woman or Spider woman .That sense of insecurity is rooted from the childhood in her ,so when she grows up she already gives in so easily to the customs and surrounding society .

But I think it would take a hell lot of years when women is valued equal to men ,many be another century .Till then why couldn’t she be she !!!!

Why she has to be modest ,why she has to be the one who entertains others while others treat her like a kid .Why she couldn’t be doing what she wants to do while not being judged .Why men doesn’t take the responsibility of being in character ,why the same is being expected from women only .Guess what she doesn’t do what is supposed to do because she has lived in that cage for a lot of years .And she is still trying to come out as a free bird .

Why is nobody talking about that characterless man and his shitty values !!!

Its time that character be redefined not just imposed differently on men and women.Women and men are different and they would always be .Instead of reacting to his or her success why don’t we work on improving ourselves and get over this and make a better society .


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