It all started as a breakup but it was leading into what I truly wanted as if it was just a trigger .The thing about change is it leads you to a different things .No two path traversed were to be same .No one would like to take the same path twice .

We all at some point in life reach a place wherein we are not affected what people had to say about us .And that is a wonderfully dangerous place .It was like jumping in the ocean with an adrenaline rush that was so powerful that once you are in air about to dive into waters you have nothing in your mind .Its perfectly blank .You might see people yelling around you calling your names ,you don’t hear anything .That moment is so peaceful .I was living that moment .I couldn’t hear what people had to say about me and never thought twice about following the path which everybody was suggesting me .It was just so silent .

It was at this time when I started understanding the power of decision .The most successful people in history had become successful by taking that decision and just not taking that decision but taking it real quick.

I also started understanding that I had been out of the black hole in which I lived since childhood but I had made my struggle my identity in that path.

I talked to so many people about so many things and the picture was getting clearer everyday .So I took the second step if implementing .Enough of the talk ,I said to myself .I had taken one leap for the next inning I took a step little backward just to gather some more energy .

I had uncaged myself from the regular path .I knew exactly where I was heading to .


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