I wrote because it gave me peace .I determined that I had the habit of talking to someone before going to bed .And I was not surprised I looked back ..I had this habit since childhood and its not about who I am talking to .

When I was relationship I had this habit ..

In college I had this habit ..for which I pretty much talked to any one in the girls hostel

In school while living at home I talked to my mom . Sometimes I was so afraid that I held her hand while sleeping

Where did this has it arise and why did it always latch on to me.

I tried to figure this out all the time

But one thing was sure since I started writing I refrained from the talk to sleep habit .That was the plan .Shifting your habits to better ones.I had to put into words my thoughts .It held me and gave me the stability to be me.

I wanted to write and write everything but hesitated .I didn’t wanted anyone to read my writings .Why because my writings were my blaberring .They were my unconscious mind

It gave me direction . Writing reminded me of who I was and what I wanted to be .It made me free of my mental blockages

Yes that was it.I used to feel stuck earlier but whenever I wrote it gave me freedom from thinking.

As Melody Beattie .says in …”Codependent No More” that she wrote everything without hesitation because she thought hardly anyone is going to read it .And when you have that kind of freedom you become fearless .

I was reading books not to read and forget. I re read the same book again and again.this was the most powerful habit that I could develop . There were other things too that I never knew I had in me .I have decluttered many things from my mind .

I remember I wrote in bits and pieces even when I was in school. But never pursued it .Why ..because I didn’t use writing as a tool .I took it as fun and fun ends without you even knowing it. The deliberate art of practice worked here .

I could implement one of the principles.I noticed my reading skills had improved .I had started remembering what I read and moreover the most wonderful thing was I had started putting the readings into practice.

Whoah !!! .This was the technique I designed for myself that practically worked .


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