To begin with I never had a plan .So I took up core values as the plan itself
I did not knew the person I wanted to become so I started saying to myself that I was already the person that I wanted to be .I began practicing the core values with transparency. This gave me drastic effects and in a good way .I mean I had such feedback that I may never have heard my entire life and for the first time I was resonating with them and working on them .

I knew the intent of unsatisfactory I had in me so some core values habits were created and some were in the process .When you perform in front of the audience ,you have immediate feedbacks. Hell yes that was true !!!!

I was practicing the core values in my daily life .Till now they didn’t dramatically change my life but I knew they would in the long run.I had to make the long vision as short steps.I was done with hyped up motivation that I fed myself earlier that got me going for the short run but in the long run I always swayed away from my path.

When in a situation I had started the direction to decide what I wanted out of a situation. This was the new thing I had determined .You cannot avoid or not be in a situation .That’s not in your control, so just make up your mind as to what is it that you want out of this situation and follow it .1

If you can think it you can do it !!!!


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