With one life issue resolved ,I moved on to look at other things of lives.I found that whatever I wanted to achieve in life ,I only continued doing it when I felt a trigger .As in writing had become my hobby but without a deliberate plan .

According to Ericsson: “Get outside your comfort zone but do it in a focused way, with clear goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and a way to monitor your progress. Oh, and figure out a way to maintain your motivation.”
Deliberate Practice is in a Well-Defined Field. Deliberate practice requires the field be well developed and rigorous enough that there are clear differences between experts and novices.

This would include fields like musical performance, chess, ballet, diving, almost anything that’s competitive and been around for a while
Research has shown that, generally speaking, once a person reaches that level of “acceptable” performance and automaticity, the additional years of “practice” don’t lead to improvement.” (emphasis mine).

Then the question, of course, is what do you do? If you recognize that you’ve reached that plateau where you’re not really improving, just going through the same automatic motions over and over again, how do you move up to the next level?

This required constant work without distraction and a timeline to complete the task.I needed to define my goals and only one goal at a time could be completed .Secondly I needed to find the daily motivation factor to complete that goal .And thirdly I needed a timeline in which that goal had to be completed .

Everybody has dreams but not all turn them into realities .I no more wanted to be the person who had dreams .I wanted to be a person who lived the dreams .I had to remove the trigger factor from my life .That could be done when you gain clarity in what you want to do.

Improving yourself doesn’t mean one has to define one self as per others definition . I knew whatever I started in life it started unknowingly until I understood that I wanted to do it or not and it looked real mess in the middle but when it was accomplished ,I came out clean.Its was this person that I had forgotten.I had forgotten to put up a clean exit .That’s what I was searching for .This time I ;promised myself to be that person again with the feeling of accomplishment.I was no more afraid of what people are going to say because well they would have something or the other to say .


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