I have read it all the time in each and very book ,post article to believe in your self .But what is the actual meaning of believing yourself .If you take the impractical approach that’s like believe in yourself even if you don’t realise that what you are doing is correct or not .The question was with whatever you are is it leading you to the correct path ,if the answer is yes than just believe it and continue .Now continuing doesn’t mean closing your eyes and working on auto pilot .

I have observed the same pattern in myself .When I liked something too much ,my mind indulged in it and autopilot was on .Kept on doing the same things repeatedly .When this autopilot layer started to be removed ,the second layer had anger and sadness in me .

Anger was the protective shell and sadness was the reason for my low self esteem. I was constantly feeding myself with low self esteem .I could definitely blame that to some of the negative influences in my life from the childhood .Some people you cannot choose in your life .

You have to deal with the cards you are given with .You cannot change them even if you know you might loose you have to still play .And when you have to still play the game.

When I started exploring myself I started healing and when I started healing I started knowing the reasons and the answers to my difficulties. Atleast I could start seeing the path or the root cause of my problems .

I was inspired from the child I was .I thought I could do better in my life and started seeing where all I need to focus in order to find the dream life I would have been wanting all the time .I started speaking blunt truth to myself .If I was wrong I was wrong ,if I was right I was right .


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