When you interact with other people and you are sharing ,just analyze the way you are presenting .I was most of the time sharing the truth ,but do people want to hear the truth .May be some, but mostly people don’t care about your truth ,they want to listen what they like the most .

Life is viral or spiral. People are more interested in the non-well-being of others than the well-being .They might want to know everything about you but would not be interested in sharing reality about them .They expect you to share and be genuine but they are not interested in being genuine. They will twist your words later for their own benefit .That’s where you stop interacting. Genuine interaction is a two way thing .One need to considerate other person to coordinate and communicate to continue the coordination.

It seems transparency and originality doesn’t matter in this world of social media. What people portray themselves to be on social media is not who they actually are. Life is not social media. Everyone seems to be happy on Facebook .What’s the point of posting a pic when you feel dead inside and when you are actually dead inside .I generally post such pics when I am bored .

It’s also because logic is boring and communication is difficult .It’s not adventurous and therefore people need something easy ,catchy and entertaining. People don’t want their problems to be solved and also not all problems could be solved .If they could enjoy thorough their problems than that’s the best way they could find to be in the problem .

n this world where everybody is trying to be what they are not ,superficially it seems confusing to be yourself .So its more important of being proud of what you have overcome than being ashamed of what you have been through .Just in the race of what one must do ,don’t take decisions that are supposed to be taken just because people around you think that is right ,if it doesn’t feel right .Don’t jump to conclusions ,just sit back and relax and observe.


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