Nobody cares in this world until you are famous or rich.People have their own agendas to be fulfilled and they could would try to fulfill that in anyway .They might not be interested in you ,only they care about is themselves .Its only and only your family that could take good care of you .For me I was feeling so lonely at this point of time in my life .I knew my family would be always there but till when .I couldn’t rely on my parents forever .

I had to have a world of my people who could take care of me and could pull me out the pits I kept falling in But I felt nobody would be so selfless to take care of you without anything in exchange .

There isn’t any place for your emotions in this world .So its important you don’t show them to because nobody cares .If they care it might come with a prize.So I had to buckle up and take complete responsibility of myself .I had to be so independent that even if there was not a single person on this earth I should be able to not only survive but also thrive.

But in the process I had to also identify that all opportunities might not lead you to a happy life .I needed to be more alone and figure out in life to be better everyday .
In all that I figured out I lacked patience to pursue anything .I was out of focus and was not able to complete things I have started .I have never been able to complete my goals .I need friends and people who were like my family .I needed more of those people who could calm me down and didn’t let me down .I needed to be around people who helped me grow who mentored me, who  talked me out of anything wrong .

In all this ,I felt real pressure of marriage around me .I was looking for someone with whom I could talk out my feelings .I wanted someone to whom I could listen.My parents were aware of my situation and my over sensitive nature. They were now use to of everybody asking the same questions everyday so they wanted me to do better in life and not define my life with just marriage ,specially my mother always taught me that financial freedom was the one that was very important for a girl .When everybody around me was getting engaged or marrying their loved ones ,my parents gifted me this ring .

And my father told me very lovingly that “
Whenever somebody asks you  when you are getting married show them this ring .Whenever you feel alone look at this ring and remember we are always with you .

Whenever somebody asks you why you are still single and just looking at this ring would remind you that getting a husband is not your purpose in life .

When you have this ring ,it means you are engaged to your family ,forever and forever .”

I had already cried my eyes out and got up and took the ring with a promise to never let them down. I was engaged to my family ,my dreams and my hopes .

I suddenly felt very confident


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