It took me more than a year to understand where I was and where I am now .The storm was over .I had let him go .Every time I talked to him ,it was more reassuring that he was not worth it.It was a good decision and every time I put down any conversation with him ,I felt nothing .

Finally ,some people that were meant for deep conversations could turn into the ones with whom you won’t even share your weekends with .The one who could hold you once when you were falling apart could turn into a sore in the eye .One’s with you thought you would share your world with ,turn out into the one’s whom you would avoid in your life ahead.

Some people who understood you once at all and you wouldn’t even think that anyone could know you more ,could turn into the one’s you found shallow and their talks feels like ridiculous banter and nothing more .And that’s okay.It doesn’t make them a horrible person because they simply aren’t able to handle a storm like you. It doesn’t make you a bad person because you won’t divulge all the gritty details of your horror show.It just makes you smart.

You have to accept that there will be people that cannot give you what you need.It doesn’t mean they are not worth keeping in your life.You just have to figure out who these ones are before you’re disappointed .And you have to keep them at arm’s length.You cannot except everyone in your life to understand ,to be non judgmental , to get it.But that’s okay,because not everyone was made to impart wisdom or wax-poetic ,or speak on politics and the depravity of society ,or discuss how crucial it is that the stigma of mental illness be abolished.

There are times when you have to get away from all that heaviness.You have to.And you will need superficial conversation .You will need those ones.So don’t go round cutting and dropping your friends .You need people for all your seasons.You need people or you won’t survive.

You never know who all of these superficial could turn out to the ones you want to be with you .Choose the ones who choose you .There is no point in chasing relationships .It even helps you not being overly emotional all the time.


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