When you go watch a movie, the thrill is to see what happens next .Exactly ,when you feel that in your life that what’s going to happen .it’s also the thrill .

I was at that point in life where I was checking whats going to happen next .Everything being on hold ,I had started having quite a good time with the uncertainty . Uncertainty is the opportunity for growth .

Uncertainty lead me to a very weird place in my life .I just sat back and observed and once I observed I noticed the patterns of dealing withe the same situation again and again .When people around you are thinking less of you,its not only because of their own mindset ,it depends on how you represent yourself. If you are constantly speaking ill of your self,or even a little query will make you a subject of laughter and its not because you are less ,its because other people will not think highly of you. They might not accept the fact that you are worth than what they think of you .

But in all this you just need to believe yourself and respond to them and not react to them and respond in the same way they made you fall . And the best response could be sometimes just you nod away with smile .

Now everything doesn’t needs to be ignored or overlooked ,if you feel the criticism is true and you might do something about it ,go ahead and do it .And learning to respond also means you should speak up .Learning to speak up leads you to all together different zone .It not only shows your confidence but it also eliminates the insecurities in you

Its ohk if you loose some of the people while growing up ,whats not ohk is to holding on to the wrong people.Walking away from anything that doesn’t serve you good is not a sign of immature person .Its a sign of a strong person.Just do the right thing and leave with a mark !!!!!!!!


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