When I started this blog ,it never occurred to me to influence others with my thoughts ,it all came down to improving my life .I had read a lot of self help books in my childhood ,they effected me by boosting my morale ,but when you grow up the perspective to inherit those leanings changes .My face would glow up when even one person reading my thoughts could relate to them.

You have to learn to deal with the world .I had a lot of philosophies in life out of which some I could follow and some I could not follow .I just wrote whatever came to my mind and in the beginning ,was also not aware if the posts would be read or not .But when I hit the Publish button knowing anyone on internet could view or read my writes ,it gave me kind of a thrill .It just gave me more confidence and as Joey said there is no selfless good deed ,I did it for myself .I never knew that until I realized the same

That’s when I learnt that if u want to help someone inspire them to the point Teach them what they could do for themselves.Let them come to their own conclusions ,their own solutions and their own idea of helping themselves .

If a child is not taught to walk …it might never be able to do so ..and if it does it on it own might struggle.So I learnt that what ever I saw around that everybody was doing I thought that what I was supposed to do .Whether you like it or not ,people around you influence you and have a effect on your personality.But then you could not always choose to be around people you like ,so you can atleast choose the positive energy around you.

I was just finished reading a book named ,”Fishes”, its principle were straight and simple .The lady in the story had forgotten her self worth and therefore gave in to the surrounding s and started moving with the flow until she saw this Fish shop ,where she saw the energy and happiness with which the people were living their everyday lives .They had made the most boring job of selling the fishes to be one of the most exciting one .

As we say charity begins at home so does the transformation.The key is you .If you transform ,you radiate the waves that attracts the people with same wavelength as you .If you are dysfunctional, you attract the same .


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