A diamond is a diamond .Its never compared ,its unique and most importantly no diamond is a bad diamond.We don’t think twice while thinking its good or not .Apparently, we all know the story and science behind how it was created . Its a masterpiece, beautiful in the way it is and it doesn’t have to create its way and it just have to shine like it does .Simple as that and everyone is mesmerized by its presence .Well you got it right ,the pun is on diamond.

Each human is coal and when life throws its punches one either makes or breaks and its when you become what you are .No matter what you have been through ,if you could only have been under that pressure ,your mind would transform into a thinking giant .If you could take the pressure and not broken by it you turned more stronger even if it left you broken and crushed or molded into some other shape ,it would give you in a different shape .

Welcome to the other world that you were actually supposed to be in .Your life just got interesting .In the end some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths and once you are diamond dear nothing could break you .Now start over .It might seems everything is finished This would be the mark of “The Beginning”.

Just than human nature would come into effect .Praise is fleeting ,but brickbats we recall.Brain visualizes things differently and presents a different analytical stats .Memories that hurts replays more than that gave you happiness .That’s why we made to believe that if its too good it can’t be true .In short run this might help in making smart decisions but in the longer run it disrupts your peace of mind .If all is good suspicions arise out of nowhere and is because we are living in this depressing world that makes us believes this and could create problems that aren’t even there .

We become self critical of ourselves and others .This thinking is not taking us anywhere .Criticism has setbacks and praise results into progress .When we grew up ,we might not have the ability to choose who should be our role model ,may be we had people that you didn/t wanted to be like and dealt with situation that you would have never wanted to be in.Not all of us are dealt the right cards but that doesn’t mean you cant reshuffle your deck for a better outcome.


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