I was always told that for anything in life there need be to a start and an end .If you remember writing answers ,you didn’t get full marks if you replied with one exact logical word.You had to write the start and end of the answer .Similar is the idea of a life for most of the people .If you don’t consider it you are not fitting in and if you are not fitting in you may be made to stand alone .You may be labelled a kid who is not matured or may be someone who is undergoing some hardships or many other labels .You see if you don’t have a start and an end in your nature ,you would be marked as abrupt .

It makes me laugh hard when you are mistreated and still you refuse to accept any labels.It also a challenge you not gulp down into those labels .Things would be said and things would be done against and for you ,you need to recognize to clear the clutter from your mind because no body could do that for you .Its only you who could change your direction.

The brusque of yourself could keep you away from so many different paths you could take.I always believed somewhere deep in my heart about that .If we could cut the crap we could be happier .Each person is looking for happiness and each person is also trying to make everyone around them happy and its not wrong .You need to satisfy yourself to yourself instead of others that you are good person.Although it might seem the other way round .Like its said there is no selfless good deed .But you cannot pour from an empty jar .You need to take care of yourself only then you could be adding to others life.If you are not able to add than buddy go back and save you soul.

And you cannot tell anyone to listen to a message they are not ready to receive,but you could sow a seed ,but that does not mean that seed would definitely turn out to be a plant .Sometimes it will sometimes it won’t .But you have to keep planting good thoughts,that turn into great ideas and one day any of that might change the world .If you think you are too small to make a difference ,you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.Go out to make a difference ,atleast do your very best to make a difference .

Try not to fall today against the world and adjust your crown if you even fall .If you didn’t fail at all may be you never walked out on your own!!!!


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