Being vulnerable is one thing you start doing when you take the charge of your own life .You let go off what other people think of you and you take the decisions that you may have waited to take for your whole life.You let off where world is going ,you just pick up your path and start moving.

May be you know where it leads ,may it doesn’t. But once you start moving you travel the different world from which you may have been hiding .You are not afraid to show up and you are afraid to take decisions in your life .You are not afraid of speaking the truth and you are not afraid to take on anything that comes ahead in your life .You are not afraid to reason and most importantly you are not afraid of talking about your mistakes .You are not drawn away by the people who speak the truth .You draw inspirations from different sources that you may have never considered upon.

You kindle the light in you that might have gone off from your heart .Your everyday your tipsy steps seems messy but turn into something meaningful at the end of the day .

You develop an attitude wherein if people be mean to you ,it doesn’t disturb your peace of mind.You hardly get offended and of course you wouldn’t want to sit with them and that’s when you become alone .No no that’s not being left alone .You become a person where you don’t want to hangout just for time pass nor you want to much dependency .You need something to enjoy at the end of the day without being emotionally drained .You want to end your day so that you could refresh for the next morning .

Repeation doesn’t paves it way because its repetition. It becomes repetition when you turn the auto piolet On and forget to turn it OFF.When you take each day differently you hardly think about it .The secret of people who could do what they do for so many years is the same.They never run on the thought of repetition.

There was a time when I didn’t wanted to be the part of the society because its mean.Yeah it is and there is nothing you could do about it.Being a girl when I was growing up I saw the most genuine person being two faced .I have seen people whom I thought would risk it all for you ,turn you down .

I have seen people who helped me when I was lying in the dumpsters .They pulled me up and made me a better person .They didn’t do it for some selfish reasons but they did it out of kindness .So grab those hands that are genuine for you and not the people who seem genuine but when its their turn they can make you tip for the lowest of works .If you stop and throw logs at every dog that barks ,you wouldn’t reach you destination.

So get surprised when people throw shame at you and that would give you grace .Its shows their character not yours.Being authentic ,its stopped hurting when people showed their true colors and in the process I learnt to identify the authentic people .Now when you have mastered that art you know beforehand what they are upto .And no that’s not judging its protecting your self in the world of double faced .Just wait patiently until they reveal their true colours.

People don’t change ,they just show who they really are !!!!. .So save yourself from the guilt your dealing it .Its nothing about you ,its about what they did to themselves when in the elbow room.Keep yourself aloof and keep progressing through the vision boards .Its not about you ,its about them


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