Have you ever seen an animal smile ? Must not have .The biggest different between an animal and human is the Smile .Its the specialty of humans only.And its not necessary that the emotion attached to it is happiness .But still you could choose to smile.A genuine smile can light a spark in your self and others around you .That’s one thing you could choose .

Another thing you could choose is Happiness .You could be in the most pathetic place in your life .You could feel like giving up from inside but still if you could choose to be happy then you could find a way from the darkest of tunnels of your life .And even if you think the tunnel is not going to end ,you would figure out a way to enjoy your path with patience.When you are trying to achieve something in life and you are going through the struggle then it might be possible to be misunderstood .
Don’t be afraid to be misunderstood .Its part of the process but smile away when people do so.When someone considers you a looser ,you need not respond in a negative way .Infer the true meaning when you are called so .It may be because someone could see you weaknesses that you might not notice .It generally happens so since you get to know how others are perceiving you might help you get the perspective which you couldn’t have been able to seen .Turn the table around and come out as a winner.Nobody in this world is going to see as you see yourself .Therefore it becomes far more important as to how you see your self and what you think about your self .Whatever you think about yourself you become .But this is indifferent to the fact how others perceive you .It has got nothing to do with you.

Be genuine but being genuine doesn’t mean be a looser .It might be possible that you doesn’t make a good impression to people but it doesn’t make you a different person.You need to see that and make conscious steps as to what could have possibly gone wrong and how you made the impression that you didn’t even wanted to.Make constant efforts in the direction you think you should be perceived by others.Again that doesn’t guarantee .Have you ever thought that why people tell lies .Its because they are trying to hide something that they feel might obstruct there safety.

Your mistakes doesn’t define you .You are not the end product of your mistakes in life .It doesn’t matter what you were .What only matters is where you are going and looking forward to.Associate yourself with the people of your values and visions higher than yourself .

Whole my life I searched for my happy place but it didn’t settle down to anyone .I found myself always unsatisfied all the time . Unsatisfaction was replaced with frustration and frustration with anger .Its when I realized the way I looked at life could have been better .There could be happiness with money .There could be easy things that make you great .There could be simple memories that keep you living .You mind will in-deliberately be engaged in something or the other until you give it a direction .While walking on the path of searching happiness ,I found that Happiness was not a place it was a direction .If I could remain directed deliberately in the path that made me genuinely happy that journey made me feel beautiful.

So I chose .I chose that direction for myself .Whatever happened now ,I couldn’t go in the factory that manifested the wrong emotions in me .I started thinking better and started creating a life where things were better .

Now better here doesn’t refer only to the growth or success or winning .It came with the balance .If you are too good in your career and loose your family and than would you be happy at the end of the day .No ,you wouldn’t

So in the path of looking upwards ,I chose to be relaxed,I chose to be happy,I chose to let go,I chose to be lovable,I chose to be successful,I chose to be beautiful ,I chose to be secure ,I chose to be satisfied,I chose to be calm.
And finally ,I chose to live better and make life of everyone around me better and I said to myself I could do it and that was the thought that empowered me now .


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