We don’t run away from our fears or problems or the people ,we run away from the truth. We know the real truth deep inside somewhere and we are trying to bury them more deeper. Somewhere or the other you know about your self ,as if the inner self is trying to grab your attention towards the most hideous things in our life.The more we bury them the more insecure we become in life .
If you ever feel yourself drowning in the swagger of the instability ,it must click to you that you need to make some tenants to leave your consciousness instantly and the burrow needs to be renovated and rented to some new tenants aka memories.
But in this path of re renewing your mind ,fear comes as a blockage point .If you could remove it ,the world is yours .But again you cannot stop fearing ,and fearlessness is not about not fearing anything .Its more like a muscle ,the more we practice it more we get used to it.

Have you ever imagined the plight of the lady who stood all the night in the river in the frosty winter .How could she do that ??I think everyone knows the answer what she said. She said “she drew warmth from the lamps that she could see from the distance”.

A drowning man clutches at the straw.When you are determined to do something ,you could drew inspiration from that last straw in the river .You would never know when you are doing so ,its when its done you realize it has happened .You learn to stabilize in the journey and once you have honed that sense of sereneness in yourself your life actually starts .

That ‘s when you actually start living !!!!


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