I searched and searched and found that the best thought to live in this world was to live with a noRegretPlan,that was my thought when I was small. That’s what my mother induced in me not directly but indirectly she kept me asking what if I dropped this experience today and wanted to come back and couldn’t come back .

Thats the desi version of “KalHoNaHO”.I got stiffer and stiffer in what I wanted to do .It just that later on realized that I became a kind of person who did what I wanted to do .I had a very different perspective in life and thats why may be I had a little different experiences ,or if we look it in another way ,I drew different conclusions for the events taking place in my life .I became a person who tried and tested everything that came along if I wanted to.I remembered that was the thought that had put me in steady in mind all the time when I took a new venture in hand .I had a strong will when I was a kid .My mother usually used to be the pushing source .

No one ate non veg in my home ,not even an egg was entertained .But I when started my job ,tried and tasted that out just for the sake of experiencing it .So what I did I did to experience it out and later it either got into my life or lets say I had an experience .So I reminded myself as I used to when I was small that I donot want to regret that I failed because I did not tried that particular way of reaching my aim.That approach could you direction if you apply it properly .

Likewise ,I had overheard myself using the wrong kind of words for the same thing which could have been beautifully described .That happened when I distanced myself from all the negativity in life .Everyone in this life has story which is different even if two people go through same experiences .Its what inside them that they narrate the story differently.And its not necessary that one is negative and other has to be positive .Its just about being more than that .Its that uniqueness of yours that makes this world a different always changing place.Project your uniqueness to this world .There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand what ever it is .In the path you might figure out a different approach ,or may be you start following a known approach ,but its you that make it Sui-generis


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