It really easy to fall into the girth of self destruction,may be because its disguised so beautifully .It makes life so easy .Difficult is to unlove someone you loved ,difficult is to let go of someone you fell in love with ,difficult is to letting go what you earned so trustingly,difficult is showing love to a person you don’t love .Difficult is to not show love to the person who you know loves you with all his heart.Its difficult to show everything is alright when nothing is going well .Its difficult to do what you don’t like doing and difficult to not do what you want to do .Life is too complicated .

Take the action and take it real quick. And being real hurts a lot. There are things you cannot control .If you see life from a very different perspective than you may have some different way of looking at life which others might not even understand.And there is a possibility that if you don’t tell anyone you might get misunderstood so project your perspective .Your voice is important and you must share your views whether they are positive or negative .No its not necessary that you might be famous or have to big known personality .Just be genuine and speak up with truth .

Focus on the science and not your thoughts in life because when if you focus on the thoughts then negativity has a chance to prevail.

Adjust your focus when life becomes a blur .For last two three years I had completely lost my focus and was not even sure what I was doing .I chose the easy path turns out I was doing well ,and doing well was comfortable and that’s where the problem began .If your dreams are not challenging you may be you don’t have dreams may be they are just what you are trying to prove to others and not yourself .It took time but I could recognize the loop hole I had been focusing on .

Its hard to accept your feelings for someone .Its difficult to overcome the fear that everything is going to workout .Its difficult to understand yourself and accept your flaws .Its difficult to give place to someone new in your life.

Now I have been thinking . Seppuku (hara-kiri) is the mode of suicide adopted amongst Samurai when they have no alternative but to die .To die is no the solution .But there is always a better way to do things .Just distance yourself from negativity and negative .

Always remember that every time you level up,you create new enemies and new allies ,so what level up and rise above self destructions..Their should not be any regrets in life .Just lessons .Learn how people are and keep away from people who keeps judging you all the time .Just in one second they might seem to like you alot and in another second they would hate you for no reason .

People should not be there on your mind .Have healthy relationships with people .Ideas should be in your minds .Growth should be there in your mind .Progress should be on your mind .While watching Batman ,I learned one thing ,you are a human being you are supposed to make mistake .You make think in wrong direction but that’s not who you are .You could always grow and turn into this different person you are
Stop making excuses .Take responsibility for your actions .You cannot always control your anger ,its an emotion but you could control how you express it.Remember toddlers throw tantrums not adults .So distance yourself from such tantrum people .If they don’t understand you ,or love you may be its their problem .Analyze the situation and move on.

There is nothing like good or bad people ,its just that

Some people have a way with words, and other people…oh, uh, not have way


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