Things could be simple .We make it sound so rough .Nobody becomes a villain by its own.If you are between the kind of people who make you think all the time that you are the reason for everything wrong in their life ,you may not be with right kind of people .You cannot clap with one hand .It takes two hands to clap .It doesn’t matter who started what ,if something happens in your life which you feel is connected to some other person involves both of them, not one of them .When you sometimes try to walk alone you might notice .What ever happens happens,nothing you could do about it .Only thing you could do is learn from it and comeback with a better person always .Having patience have a role to play here .Because if somebody did something against you try to understand that what situation that person would have been .This understanding you are giving for yourself rather than anyone .

It will help you to have empathy for others without effecting your behavior.Walk away from anything that brings negativity in your life in any way .If it costs your peace of mind that its too expensive .

In my whole life I have been ridiculing myself for all the wrong happening in my life or in the life of my loved ones.I was wrong .If someone is going through rough period its not your fault .Don’t take the blame to yourself .

Be there and don’t fill your mind with doubts for someone else’s problem .Don’t hide yourself because somebody has got problems with you .If someone is not happy with you or simply hates you ,its not your problem .Yeah but if you are taking their ridiculing too harshly without doing any action that’s what makes it worse.Just stand up and take an action in the positive direction.That decision must be long term not just for today .And once you have made an action progress on the same each day without fail

Don’t over analyze whatever happens in life .Just keep it simple .Analyzing the situation again and again will not change it.So once you understand the situation you are in just start forging in a different direction that leads you to different results.


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