One of the part of dealing with hangups in my life was to do random things .I needed random things to keep on going .Nothing took me anywhere .I always started new things and none to bring to the verge of completion .I started exploring myself .I started this blog and started writing .I wrote the more the more upset I was .When I was at my most bottom point nothing soothed me than writing .I started identifying all the things that were wrong with me and shouldn’t be .I never knew that writing could be my savior till the time I have lived till now .But still it is part of growing up. I started looking at life from a different perspective .Till now I thought happiness had to be achieved .But now my purpose had started changing .I determined that you could never keep people happy around you . Never and by that I mean it,never .I have tried and failed in terms of maths “n” number if times .You need to ignore the voices appearing .People will rate you shake you break you whatever you do .So the more I knew people the more I wanted to be away from them .I would create a shell around me and then I started knowing myself .I did not hate people ,only I was a way too introvert and was too afraid to be put in the spotlight .I had talked about the spot light earlier in this blog .

I started an exercise ,I just had to be fine with myself .I had to be happy with myself .I could not be like people who could keep so many friends and be fake with each one of them .I liked dancing but had stopped it and even not sure why I did that .I forgot all the things I used to do when I was a kid .I should not have left my hobbies .One thing thats great about self help material is that in whatever the hell of a situation you would have been you not only keep going but also emerge as a different better person from it .It just a fine line of thought that made a difference.

I restarted my dancing that I had forgotten but this time in a different way .I put a eye masks while dancing .And forget everything and then dance .Of course there must not be things around you could .Keep yourself away from all the drama .I had forgotten that I was so creative when I was small .

I needed to focus on my goals and not the things that did not matter.I would have to make myself and live by that . Whenever you hear a critic you I could concentrate on the hidden advice it gave rather than complaining about them later .

You would have to ready for what you wanna become and for that I understood I needed time and needed focus .For both of them I had to dump my hangup and be true to myself .I couldn’t do it right away But I found the path .Dancer-size with eye mask or dancing in blackout helps a lot .Do try and comment if you like it .

Also when you purpose is bigger the roadblocks doesn’t effect you .You only grow by them.They may become show stoppers but never life stoppers .Remember its a bad day not bad life .Also I found one more thing quite energy relieving and that is power of not reacting to everything .In fact remove the react and start the respond .Its all in the way you think and who you want to be .Sometimes not giving any reaction helps to know who your people are and its a big thing because in the process of whoever you wanna become you must need to identify your people.

Next big thing that I have learnt is that be real no matter what !!

It really makes a difference .Also never be afraid of what people are talking about you as long as they are taking your name correctly .Wink wink ,if you what I mean šŸ™‚


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