The power of not reacting to every small detail of other people will keep you focused .Keep yourself away from all the negativity .Learn to be alone and while alone work on your self .I read books and many other similar points have been mentioned there .

Some are really true like thinking about who said what in office and won’t let you anywhere .Just don’t let your mind wander in the jungle of unnecessary thoughts.Disconnect once the work is done .Take a break . Speak less because then you are giving less information to people around and set boundaries . Be conscious about what you say and how you talk .Don’t loathe yourself in self pity . Just with all this don’t be hard on yourself. Love yourself ,don’t say yes if you don’t want to .People will understand .If they cannot they may stay at a distance from you. Don’t be a floor which can be moped away by anyone .Learn the way people are .Try to understand which people are good for you and which are not. Grow each day .Observe yourself and then consciously correct yourself .Keep yourself away from all the negativity .

I have learned a lot from FRIENDS character “Pheebe” .She had a rough and not so normal childhood but she never gave up neither on herself nor on other people around her .She got so badly treated by life but she maintained herself by giving herself a different unique outlook that engraved in her nature .She was weird to the limit actually weirdly positive .She had such self diminishing experiences but still she thrived.She made friends with people almost anyone and yet being practical to them.She was cheated ,unloved and abandant by many people in her life,even her own twin sister but she never blamed herself for the same .She just took it like they were life experiences .I wish I could be like her and didn’t blame myself for all the experiences happening in my life .I wish I could live like her ,carefree with confidence and without self pity .I hated the people who knew stuff about me because they start seeing you in a different kind of way .They would try to sympathize you and judge you.Then they couldn’t detach you from that frame of mind .That’s why you need friends ,who could listen to your endless senseless chatter and still behave the same with you

Bruce why do we fall”, so that we could learn to pick ourselves up .But it doesn’t end here .In life you would keep falling ,but every time you learn to pick yourself in a different and a better way .Because last time you fell ,the way you picked yourself wasn’t enough ,so you need to try a different perspective today and apply that new mindset

Before I went to hostel for college ,I lived with my family .I was too afraid to be away from my family .I loved my mother alot and she was like my best friend .But when I went to college, she figured I would be fine and I felt she left me to understand the world and stand on my feet .But back then I felt like so alone in life .I wouldn’t have felt that way if I could have made some friends who took care of me .I couldn’t transition properly .There were many factors that I couldn’t transition .I didn’t understand that time ,but if I could transition smoothly my life would have been different .Yeah that was it .I feared the transition and therefore never understood that letting go was so much important and letting go should not be that painful ,it should just be another transitioning phase .If I could be more attracted and positive about the next coming phase and not feared it .Fear is the constant emotion that hovered upon me and has been hovering .

I tried to pick myself from falling in fear again .Life has been hard for me and I was not a kid anymore .I feared and I feared to grow up deep down and feared to live up to my potential .I feared and be self absorbed that I didn’t do things that mattered to me .I had to start living and for that I had ti first learn to live .Still figuring out and thats why I call it Learning to Live


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