Unknown ,Unsuccessful and Unliked .Yes I am the underdog right now .I am hardly liked by the people around me ,I am not known much and regarding the success thing ;when you know what to do in your life you either fail or be success at it ,I haven’t even caught that train to be moving on that road .So basically I am aiming for nothing which created a constant But I am in a better place than I was in last two years

Earlier when I was alone I couldn’t be with myself .I felt the need to be around somebody .That somebody didn’t need to be talking to me but just be there .I started thinking and found that all the time I never needed someone I just wanted some known faces to be around me .I didn’t even wanted to interact with them ,just wanted them to be there around me,not disturbing me in whatever I was doing .That was one conclusion that I found out about me .Secondly ,I was busy doing nothing other than thinking about the negatives and other people .I guess that created my negative patterns .I took my job to be my life and second half included my love life .So basically I had two things going on in my life .My job and my love life

When my love life took a snap ,I got so unstable and frustrated that I left my job without even looking for an another one .In instant I took that decision ,only my brother supported my decision that time and showed me ways to overcome the duality of life and take control if life in my own hands .My parents never pressurized me or my brother to follow a particular way in life .They just wanted us to take the responsibilities of our own lives and stand on our own feet .They always seemed excited about whatever course we took our lives into till the time we didn’t seem to ruin ourselves .

I just didn’t wanted to be near him because, not being with him and working with him was too difficult and clearly I needed some time to gulp the change of plans that life had threw at me .Yeah that’s life for pretty much everything ,just when you think you have figured it out all ,it will show its tantrums every time ending you in a different situations .

Its similar to the permutations and combinations algorithm wherein you are tried and tested for any of the rarest outcomes .It might be fun game ,only for God !!!!


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