Once should let go the not so worthy experiences in and learn to forgive but not forget .I was the opposite I realized . I have been becoming forgetful but not forgiving .There is a very fine line between the two .You never know when you interchange both .I started forgetting the things and once you forget you cannot forgive .That anger travels from one deep layer to another deeper layer and before you know it takes over you .

When a person is healing everyone has a different process .People take time and thats why they distance themselves from anyone who tries to hurt them .But have you ever thought about the other person who gets unnecessarily hurt and doesn’t know why you have distanced from them.

In my case I thought I forgave people half of the life I have lived but soon I started thinking people never forgave me .They held on to those grudges and started commenting .Many people distanced from me .But I had the idea that everything could be sorted out by talking .I found out I was so emotional that I forgave and forget and again started from the same .People neither forget nor they might sometimes forgive ,which comes with comments and blames .I thought that all my life I have been forgotten many atimes ,although I had such a weak will power that I could not forget people .I would go back and talk to them whatever the hell would have happened .I think that was me bleak .I was ready to take everything back but when it came upon for me ,nobody was ready to take me back,even if I never did a very big mistake .And yeah they never forget .I thought to myself how foolish I have been .Why I could forget and start again and over and over again until someone walked away .Why I could not be the one who could walk away from people’s life .I found it very hard. I distanced myself but couldn’t forget .I kept on thinking about them.

Comment and let me know what is the correct way !!….waiting for the answers


One thought on “#TheHealingCircle

  1. I believe that you should always forgive and to never let anyone’s actions affect you mentally. I have the mentality of not expecting anything from anybody. This is beneficial in two ways. The first way is that if someone does me wrong, it does not affect me because I didn’t expect anything in the first place. The second way is that if someone helps me greatly, then I will be all the more grateful than a regular person. Learn to have an inner peace! Great post and made me think so thank you 🙂

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