Just watched avengers .It gave me so peace from inside I don’t know why .Everybody has a hero in them .I watched how failure could effect a hero .I realized one thing in the movie that in life you need to follow the avengers attitude otherwise you would drown in the failures or depression of losing or being separated from a loved one .Own that failure ,like Thor did it and rise from them .Its okay anyone could fall .Its more about how stronger you stand up after you fall back.Be your own hero and don’t hide .Understand that failure is the part of process .

What I understood was that you have to fully accept your past in order to be make peace with the present and future .I had to understand that whatever happened was real and had happened and there is nothing that could be done about it .But life goes on and things will never be the same but its okay .I need to let it settle there ,take the good memories and not get frustrated with what had happened .I had to learn to let it all go .I cannot remain frustrated with the fact .I know I was not the kind of person who could hate anyone .It took more energy to hate it .But then I couldn’t even go after it .I have to accept the fact that it cannot be undone .I had to learn to live with owning everything .I couldn’t pretend that nothing happened ,it did changed me into a different person I am today .But making peace with your past comes with the complete acceptance of its existence .

I was watching how avengers could learn to let go and was thinking I am no super hero but I could do a right thing not for anybody else but for making myself at peace .So that one day, when I met my past I don’t have hard feelings and didn’t unstablize myself with the bitter path.I can do it ,yeah only it was hard but time goes on .This will also fade away some day.I would have to make a decision to let it fade away with lifetime scars .I would have to learn to remain at calm and at peace with myself.


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