I am an authentic person.So is he and so are the people around me .Some people I around don’t consider as authentic at all .And I am sure some people will never consider me as an authentic person .You know why because with each human being we have a different connection .I don’t know why can’t people leave it then and there .Like while in a corporate world , you need to take some steps that are in genuine to others while you think you are being real and this is what you are supposed to do .The person with whom all this is happening might take it all rubbish and not authentic at all .He or she might take you as an ingenuine person.

The point is nobody can be completely true to anyone else.They might think they are but they never are and never could be .Life doesn’t work that way in whites and black .Every person is driven by their own experiences in life .It shapes them what they are in life right now. Some become success some does not.As in my case I have been a genuine person in my life but only few of them would consider this .Why because they ,might not have got benefited from me ,or they might not have got what they must have expected from me either behavior wise or anything else.I believe that things should be natural and if somebody is trying to show that you are not a genuine person then its okay .Your goal should not have to be pleasing others .You were created by God to live this life and you had some experiences and that shaped you as you are .Its true that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it .But this path of light comes from positive people around you .If people around you are negative the reverse happens .

Either way I considered my life to be away from all the things I didn’t like .There will always be people who will try to bring you down but I have stopped caring about that stuff anymore .But to live in this world you need to show that you are super than others .I always hated that idea .I had less of self confidence while talking to others .I always said wrong things at wrong places and people judged me .But its like I don’t care anymore .I speak out what I feel .I had been trying to be not be ill mouthed for many years but at last the bubble busted and I forgot all the boundaries .I started spitting out the anger in me that I have collected for so many years .It felt relief at first .But I saw people moved away from me .It was after college that I just started spitting it out .The change was not stabilized .But I was so frustrated of keeping people happy that I started bursting at almost anyone .

Some people started calling me mean .But I didn’t care .You know why because I cared for me more than anyone else at that time .I had taken the decision .And I found it would be okay for sometime to become bitter for the world than to frustrate my soul more .So I lost some friends,in the process and found some really worth keeping friends. And I found out that mostly people that claimed to be my friends were not even worth talking .They called me friend but they I would have been the last person on their mind .They were happy of my success .They never missed me .They never considered me as a special person .Then I realized that why I couldn’t choose better friends for me at this point of time .Everything was good when in school .Why I couldn’t find great friends in college.May be I it was because I attracted the wrong one .I couldn’t choose better .I was too afraid of things around me .When I joined my job ,it was better for me because I didn’t have to be friends with anyone I didn’t wanted to .You could just remain formal or the likeness was depending on what benefit were you to them .And if you were not useful to them they would hate you and that started working out perfectly fine for me .Slowly and steadily also you could grow relations by being truthful .


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