I miss him to the core .I said it !!!!!!!.I have started crying now .May be this was phase two of getting over him .We are apart but I have never stopped loving him and will never be able to do so .Real things don’t last .If they did they weren’t real.I have been trying alot but then I thought why am I trying .Its hurting me alot .May be I couldn’t get over him .It was very hard to accept the love and now its almost impossible to get over it .

When I moved out away from my family ,I learnt to be independent .The only thing I had to was to stop missing him in a sad way and learn to let go so that it didn’t disturb me .I had to have hold over myself .I was at a place in my life wherein I couldn’t give that place to anyone else ever again. Besides that wouldn’t be fair .I also didn’t wanted to be emotional any way because that would arise the feelings so I started keeping away from people or any attachments. .People started hating me but I wanted to be with myself for my mental peace .When you have something in life that you cannot have it makes you serious in life .You feel sad from inside and this could be life changing .

We told each other that we couldn’t marry anyone else but I didn’t knew what was happening with him .May be he gets married due to family pressure .That was killing me from inside when I got to know that he was going to go home for nearly one month .I knew the apparent reason for him to leave the city but I was frightfully shaken as I kind of knew what was going to happen .I could live alone for the rest of my life I thought but my inner self me no you cannot .But also I couldn’t be with any of the people around me

So was my life ok .Oh I din’t knew what was happening .What I was doing .I felt like the dead end this is going to be. I realized there was too much noise around me .I couldn’t hear anything .I was preparing myself for the uncertain.I needed time to digest that ,but anyways life has to happen


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