When you know people are trying to make you look down ,so that can be up .Thats the funniest thought to me today .First of all ,if I am already so low how can you bring me more low and secondly ,is their life about me .Really????

That thought gave me laugh so hard that started having stomach ache.When people try to bring you down ,generally either they already are down or they have self esteem problem .They clearly cannot live their life without thinking about you .So don’t give a damn about these people .Just be right ,do the right thing .Remove anything from your life that is source if negativity .I interacted with people around me at this point of time in my life because life would have been boring without people but at the same time I cannot feed their expectations so I distanced away from them. I didn’t wanted to sound rude but I couldn’t take care of them specially at this point of time when I needed care myself .So I wanted to be alone ,but you cannot live life alone so I kept myself involved .

I heard few days back in news that a rich child celebrated her birthday with homage people and in the article it was mentioned why did she do that .Why did her parents let her do that .I think everyone knew why ?

She wanted to feel better .Like really ?.Its time to change such a human tendency.People are so busy showing off what they are and what they are not that they forget to live .Anger ,grief ,happiness and sadness are all part of life.I learnt another thing in life which I applied when I was a child that focus on the present and make the best of it .There were good days bad days .I used to be myself all the time whether someone was happy with me or not .After all you are not everyone’s cup of tea .You cannot be that goody goody all the time .You need haters too .Because haters are what makes you who you are .The game is not about pissing people off, its about getting over the things that pissed you off some day and just see what you create of your self.


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