You cannot expect people to be true to you even when you are true to them.We all in our lives go thorough dark days and its not necessary to let everyone know about them .I have made this mistake many a times. Some of the people you are sharing your problems will never care .They want to know your problems so that they could gossip .Some of the other people might provide you sympathy but that won’t solve your problem.And worst kind are the ones who will understand half and would judge you for the rest .They are the most dangerous one. So better keep your dark things to yourself .

Everyone wants to be in spotlight for good things,for showing off .But nobody is that strong to get embarrassed and embrace the truth ,those dark secrets

I have a simple rule in life ,if you want anything ask.If you are feeling uncomfortable tell.If you are missing someone ,just give them a call.I am pretty straightforward .I have lost many people on the short run because of these but I thought that its better I loose them ,then to remain with them .

I can do everything but handle the spotlight whether its for good thing or bad .I am s scared of the world I am living in.I have overcome so many things in life but the spotlight fear still remains .I become unknowingly famous for the wrong things so I am quite afraid of things that could go wrong then things that could go right .May be I am not surrounded by people who respect me and support me .May be I have seen more assholes in my life then the supporting people .I am not sure the taboo of society will let me live or not but it feels best when I am writing down my feelings and publishing them.


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