We didn’t talk for about 15 days after the soupcon proposal.No exchange of messages no exchange of glimpses .We sat one bay across each other.On the 15th day ,it was Thursday ,I was having tea in cafeteria and when was about leave thats when he came with a smile ,sweet and genuine and just sat there looking at me smiling at me .I was leaving but couldn’t say anything just sat there .We sat there in complete silence for about 15 minutes and then he said look I know what you are about to say ,but I don’t want to be friends

It was pretty straight. Ohkay ,there was no escape from him.I didn’t give an answer .He said I know the marriage stuff you told was a lie .I didn’t knew what was he about to say next so I said I need time.He was so genuine and real .That was one of the reason I started liking him at the first .No drama no show off and thing that matched among us was no ego.

I have seen people who are trying to talk to others and the biggest turn off is when they are trying to tell how so many people have proposed them and how they turned them down .Its really important for them actually their ego.After such stories none of the other stuff seems to be genuine about them .Such people trying to put a big hot shot image suddenly fall short of everything..Why can’t people just have conversation with others without showing off .I have had this colleagues was always telling me about how .

Well ,when something is genuine it doesn’t need to be showed off.So was his love .I told him why he was doing this .Did he wanted to show off and come out as player .I resented him for many days .I remember once ,he said he would pick me .He came to my doorstep called me up and he called for 15 times ,I was sleeping and didn’t return his call .He went all the way back home .

From childhood when my girlfriends were talking about boys and stuff ,I never participated in it .Me and my bff .We were engaged in the fun part as to when to make a joke and laugh about it .When girls of my age were busy making boyfriends we were busy preparing for that event .I personally hated this concept of having a boyfriend .I was cool with friendships. There were two reasons.One I never ever wanted anyone to know the real me ,which is why one of the reasons I don’t make much friends .

It takes me ages to gain the comfort level to show the real me .Secondly ,I wanted my space .People don’t understand that .I could be their friend but they needed to understand my space which hardly people care .So I had only genuine friends who liked me and I liked them back .I could not talk to them for years but still pick up from the same the day the minute we would start talking . Thats the kind of friendships I believed in .,still do.

When I was going through so many things in my childhood and due to that positive capsule I made a decision .Never in my life would I live a fake life,fake relationship with whosoever it was .No fake friends no fake lovers ,no fake haters .Oh yeah I made that sure .It was like if you hate me show me the extent only then I would believe. I had far far strong will power as a child than I have it today.If I put my foot on anything I could.

People want to be interesting so that more and more people talk to them .But never wanted to talk .I am far better on chats then n phone call .I never wanted to be among many people .I couldn’t pretend .Not for a single second what I was not . And if I pretended it was just because I could do nothing about it .So the gist never had a boyfriend ,never wanted one ,never wanted anyone to know me .Still the same but he happened and I know never want this to happen again


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