I hated people who drank or smoke .Yeah smoking drinking is injurious to health blah blah blah which by the way is all correct but the main reason is what happens to the people around them is breathtaking and not in a good way .The repercussions goes a long trip may be a life time. My life changed as my thoughts were this when I was growing up.I was in class 1st although started going to school a little early at the age of 2 .I was so full of energy and was really interested in studies .Whenever my father returned home from office ,he had a bag with some notes in them ,I took that bag straight away and my father put one notepad and pencil in it and I went to study .I asked my mother one day where the other kids go (little elder than me) in uniforms ,and was keen interested in going the same place . My mother told me in a beautiful way .She told me they went to study how to live life and find out what they wanted to do in life and also play and have fun.I was young to understand the first part but second part was interesting that’s fun and play .So everyday when my father came to home after office I took his bag with a notepad and pen ,sat in a corner and scribbled in notepad ,which nobody could understand .Seeing my interest my mother decided to put me in pre-nursery.

Till the time I came in 1st standard ,my father had to take transfer to some other city and we had to leave the city because of my Uncle (father’s brother) had drank so much till then that his while body swelled and he suffered with syrosis and apparently there were no good hospitals in the current city so we moved to a city with better facilities.Now the school in the new city didn’t take me in 1st standard since I was one year younger as per them ,so I repeated my one year that’s called upper kinder garden. I was so bored ,I had learnt everything already and at home no body had time .I was dropped to one my relatives place because parents were in hospital all the time.

Anyways ,it was a very difficult for all our family. The relatives family was okay .There were no kids there but I was doing ok there .There were two sisters and youngest was this cousin brother .He was in in 7th or 8th standard .It was fun being there for sometime .I was away from my family but still this brother of mine took special care of me .Earlier it was quite good he took me to market ,played with me ,took me to market and all .What else would a kid of 6 years want .I missed my family but it was ok place for me .Some time I did not knew or understand what was happening with me .He stated teaching me and it became his everyday thing .One day there was no one at my relatives place and he started teaching me while teaching he took me in his lap and started touching me .I did not knew what was happening .I felt strange and resisted him and ran away from the room .and closed the other room which locked by chance and didn’t open.I was a child ,out of fear I started crying .But there was no one to listen to me cry .After and hour some how when other cousins arrived ,the door was opened and my face was pale and I didn’t utter a word for rest of the day.Everyone thought it was due to the door locking but my heart was thumping like somebody was hammering it .


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