What we would do if marriage was not a thing.Imagine a world wherein marriage was not the part of the plan.I mean once you are into this world you leanr to walk and talk and then you study and rom school to collage to job .Once you find a job you marry then have kids .Raise them and the whole cycle goes all over again.What if we livied in a world wherein Once you got a job,you could do the whatever you wanted to do .Hypothetcially you could do anything you liked but once you fail in on thing you ,youare told you are special.

Like Really .I donot know who invented this theorem and I dont know how this fill up the falilure and make a specail person .Its just the same .Why its such a taboo. Why is hat such a big a deal with people around us .Everybody coming up and explainning you could do this or this woth your life .Go this way or that .What if I wanted to ciute doing the same thing I am doing .

Yeah ,every one is after me for my marriage .Its time ,tell everybody .Even my collagues who I thought to be more thoughtful as they belonged to my generation.So I am in cafeteria and there is this colleague if mine explaining me why I am not married till now .I knew everybody around me talking about the same and all. Is it beacuse I am a girl .Women should be married a the correct age as per the society .Not that I didn;t wanted to get married but why this conversation where in everyone is telling me to do this as if I donot know that shit

When I turned around me I found all the colleagues around me were married and its a very dishonoring thing specaily for a women to not be marrried .One of them even went to the point wherein I was told marriage was not a choice its a necessity .I suddenly realized we are living in ninetees .I should have burned my self because I was not getting married .And there comes the judgeing with all the faults and society raising fingers on you as it were a crime .

Apprantely ,one should go on and met guys from shaadi.com but not have a date with an old friend .Double standards ,do you call it .I don’t know .

Then here are people who will start calling you special .Oh you are different from others .Oh may be you are supposed to serve something better .Or may be the reverse gear ,” Oh ,you are not that special ; I donot know why people are so obssessed with special.

How could I have told these people that I am just like any other person .And I would have loved to be the ordinary person who got married or had kids .Something is broken,some things go wrong and there is always a way and I will find it .I want to have the narrow escape.

But to all this drama , I learnt not to give a fuck.It didn;t matter .When some one told me this shit I listened to it like a baby and then laughed so hard that choked me sometimes.I more people adviced me over this the more entertaining my day began.

It was not so easy to come to thus state wherein you enjoy the statements.I learnt it the hard way .I just remained the same and people around me showed their true self .This made me realize who I could trust and who not


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