He asked me out !! .It was monsoon season.He asked me if we could go out may be for a coffee or till now he knew I could never say no for a “Chai” .I after subtle denial agreed for the ride and coffee.

It was a date shyly I said to myself .”Luftmench” meaning ‘air-person’ is the Yiddish way of describing someone who is a bit of a dreamer. Oh boy my dreaminess could be described that way .You know the feeling with a pinch of fear ,happiness and shyness .Its like tickling in the stomach .

He called me that he could come to pick up from my home but I was skeptical so I asked him to meet under the metro bridge that was half mile from my house .I walked and he was there on his While Bike like a pro rider he turned his bike from the walkway to the road like a stuntman .I was smiling but didn’t wanted to show so maintained a calm posture as to it was a typical day and nothing special .I sat on his bike behind him and that seat was taken forever .Till today that seat is mine .His bike moves around with him but the back seat is always empty like the emptiness in my heart .

The ride started , but just after few minutes it started raining ,it started with drizzling but lead to a heavy down-pouring .At first ,we decided to wait under a shade but it was not a quite safe place so we decided to keep moving towards the nearest mall .He gave me his jacket and asked me to hid behind him on bike in the jacket .I did the same .Soon we reached mall .

We had McDonald’s ,yeah its my favorite ,now his . I don’t know why but was behaving childish .But there was one feeling also in mind ,would this go somewhere and that stopped my mind from thinking ahead and I just focused on being in the moment.

The reason we were on a date was because two days before while we were talking like everyday he told me that he liked me alot and told me that he was falling for me .I took a pause ,I did knew something was there but was not sure he could dare to say so I told him that my marriage is fixed and he was little late .And besides it was too early we hardly knew each other .I was hesitant and a bit angry .Angry ,that’s because it was part of my personality to not accept things so easily .I never gave it a second thought and just said “no” .So he asked if we could go out as friends on the coming weekend .I thought that there was nothing harm in going out as friends !!

In the mall ,we roamed about a little bit ,doing window shopping then we sat in one place and looking other people shopping wherein he directly told me ,”I love you”.I didn’t knew how to react .I said we were friends .He was adamant and I had trust issues. .


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