Every person on this earth is different and unique in its own way .Nobody is more or less .Everyone has a story and a different one and no two story are same .Stories are the way we learn from others . Remember in childhood when your at night when your grandparents sat down with you…Read more »


There has to be a better way in which people made connections .I heard the story of one of the senior who advised others to not do what mistakes he had done in his life .What happened ,does it work?? .No it doesn’t .For starters some people life had been running on auto pilot mode…Read more »


It all started as a breakup but it was leading into what I truly wanted as if it was just a trigger .The thing about change is it leads you to a different things .No two path traversed were to be same .No one would like to take the same path twice . We all…Read more »


I wrote because it gave me peace .I determined that I had the habit of talking to someone before going to bed .And I was not surprised I looked back ..I had this habit since childhood and its not about who I am talking to . When I was relationship I had this habit ..…Read more »


To begin with I never had a plan .So I took up core values as the plan itselfI did not knew the person I wanted to become so I started saying to myself that I was already the person that I wanted to be .I began practicing the core values with transparency. This gave me…Read more »


With one life issue resolved ,I moved on to look at other things of lives.I found that whatever I wanted to achieve in life ,I only continued doing it when I felt a trigger .As in writing had become my hobby but without a deliberate plan . According to Ericsson: “Get outside your comfort zone…Read more »


I have read it all the time in each and very book ,post article to believe in your self .But what is the actual meaning of believing yourself .If you take the impractical approach that’s like believe in yourself even if you don’t realise that what you are doing is correct or not .The question…Read more »