With one life issue resolved ,I moved on to look at other things of lives.I found that whatever I wanted to achieve in life ,I only continued doing it when I felt a trigger .As in writing had become my hobby but without a deliberate plan . According to Ericsson: “Get outside your comfort zone…Read more »


I have read it all the time in each and very book ,post article to believe in your self .But what is the actual meaning of believing yourself .If you take the impractical approach that’s like believe in yourself even if you don’t realise that what you are doing is correct or not .The question…Read more »


Nobody cares in this world until you are famous or rich.People have their own agendas to be fulfilled and they could would try to fulfill that in anyway .They might not be interested in you ,only they care about is themselves .Its only and only your family that could take good care of you .For…Read more »


I had become mentally weak and I realized this very late .Yes there had been many hard experiences I have been through but I had real strong will power when I was a child compared to when I grew up Specially after what I had gone through recently changed me .Its said that pain doesn’t…Read more »


When you interact with other people and you are sharing ,just analyze the way you are presenting .I was most of the time sharing the truth ,but do people want to hear the truth .May be some, but mostly people don’t care about your truth ,they want to listen what they like the most .…Read more »


It took me more than a year to understand where I was and where I am now .The storm was over .I had let him go .Every time I talked to him ,it was more reassuring that he was not worth it.It was a good decision and every time I put down any conversation with…Read more »


When you go watch a movie, the thrill is to see what happens next .Exactly ,when you feel that in your life that what’s going to happen .it’s also the thrill . I was at that point in life where I was checking whats going to happen next .Everything being on hold ,I had started…Read more »