I have been avoiding my parents for a long time now.After my mother visited me in this new city and new project .Everyone was expecting that this would be change in my life .But nobody knows change doesn’t come in a day .They want to see me happily married .My father will be coming to…Read more »


We didn’t talk for about 15 days after the soupcon proposal.No exchange of messages no exchange of glimpses .We sat one bay across each other.On the 15th day ,it was Thursday ,I was having tea in cafeteria and when was about leave thats when he came with a smile ,sweet and genuine and just sat…Read more »


Every person views life from his or her perspective .When a person becomes popular , some people will never admit it that they worked so hard or were successful .Specially the ones who had been there around them when they were nothing much .When a person becomes popular ,the people who knew them would speak…Read more »


When some part of body is caught with some germs and starts to rot ,it cannot remain attached to body because if it remains attached to body the germs will spread to other body parts damaging them and if not removed the disease could not be cured so the doctors remove that body part completely…Read more »


An apple doesn’t rotten in a day.It is good then it starts to decay ,then decay all the way more and then its too rotten to be consumed.Same happened with me .The thoughts the negativity ,the person I have become today is not the result of what has happened today but what I took or…Read more »


I hated people who drank or smoke .Yeah smoking drinking is injurious to health blah blah blah which by the way is all correct but the main reason is what happens to the people around them is breathtaking and not in a good way .The repercussions goes a long trip may be a life time.…Read more »


What we would do if marriage was not a thing.Imagine a world wherein marriage was not the part of the plan.I mean once you are into this world you leanr to walk and talk and then you study and rom school to collage to job .Once you find a job you marry then have kids…Read more »